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Jeff Trotter: Bend Don’t Break Jeff Trotter has a mantra that he has built a brand out of: Bend Don’t Break. This is a phrase one can assume is about making the most out of the environment surrounding you while also remaining with an open mind

GenoGwap: Pain to Poetry Ever since GenoGwap was younger he has been surrounded by the negative and positive impacts of poverty. His mom always worked 2-3 jobs and even then, as a single mother, she still struggled with keeping the family financially afloat. GenoGwap recalls nights

Drapper Cox: Reality has Set In Drapper Cox is from Glenview where he grew up with Michael Jordan dreams. When he was younger he played basketball. He said that he used to travel up and down the court playing for several people but the seats were never filled

Myra Wilkins: Seeing Being The Surface “Once you get to know a person, you’ll see you have so many things in common. And that makes you want to work together.” Myra Wilkins has lived in her neighborhood for 23 years, and looks back fondly on the

Vincent Astor: Historian of the Queer Culture Vincent Astor went to Rhodes so long ago it was Southwestern, when all of the bars he was going to were beer bars, they didn’t serve liquor, and I don’t like beer. So… I actually remember the 70’s.” And it’s

Erika Sugarmon: History Repeating  Erika Sugarmon is the daughter of late judge Russell B. Sugarmon Jr. B. Sugarmon graduated from Booker T Washington at only 15 years old. Erica Sugarmon lives to tell the story of her father and his journey from then onward. Russell Sugarmon went

Adeli Gomero: From Lima to Memphis Lima, Peru the capital and largest city in Peru. It’s made up of a region of mountains, coasts, valleys, and jungles. It is also the homeland of Adeli Gomero. As Gomero grew into the adult world, she found herself drawn

Al Kapone Bailey: Memphis Up Mane As a young kid, Bailey always knew how to hustle. He started working around the same time he started to fall in love with music. He delivered newspapers from door to door. He was surrounded by good people with big

Allen Farmer: Eyes Wide Open  Allen Farmer spent a great deal of his childhood in Whitehaven, where he grew up with his parents and siblings. His childhood was a fun time. He remembers hanging out with his siblings in David Carnes Park and playing many sports.

Angela Williamson: Division Never Skews Her Vision. Angela Williamson comes from a family of diversity. She comes from a family that is historically unacceptable and purposefully attacked by segregation laws, racists, and ignorance. However, because her family was so grounded in their roots and knowledgeable about

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