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Brain Harris: Get Back to What Made Us Thrive Brian Harris welcomes us into one of his investment properties located in the historic Glenview neighborhood. This 100 year home shares a history of being occupied by black middle-class teachers, entrepreneurs, and athletes of old who settled

Cedric Reed: We Want Better Cedric Reed is an aspiring rapper from the Orange Mound and Cherokee area. In his interview, he was accompanied by his two brothers Demarcus and Darion also known as BD. Collectively they came together and expressed their grievances about life as

Beth Trouy: “Who am I to Judge?” Beth Trouy is a proud resident of Memphis, born and raised in Frayser. She grew up in a catholic home where she was very closeted because of the closed-mindedness of the church at the time. Because she was unable

Cornell Mahan: The World is Red and Chaotic. Cornell Mahan is a pop artist in the Memphis area whose life journey has shaped his view of Memphis and the world as a whole. His journey starts with him growing up in Arkansas with his mom and his

Joy Brooke-Fairfield: A Play Sets the Stage for A Revolution Joy Brooke-Fairfield is a theater, film/media, gender/sexuality and latinx professor at Rhodes College. Joy believes that putting on a theater production allows one to strengthen cooperative muscles, and perhaps most importantly highlight the necessity of difference in

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