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Reimagine All of Memphis “North Memphis was the talk of the town,” boasted Brown, who lived there the late 60s, 70s, and 80s.” This version of North Memphis that you’ve witnessed above is a version of Memphis that Zellner Brown knows well. It’s an image of

Montavius Phils: Brother Stranger Montavius Phils is a published author and a native Memphian with a story that incorporates figures of the past both famous and simply dear to his heart. As Phils was reflecting on his story he wanted to revisit the Dr. Martin Luther

Memories are in the Walls Yuleiny is a first generation Mexican American, the daughter of two Mexican immigrants. She and her husband have taken on the project of renovating a house built back in 1912 on Montgomery Street. The home holds centuries old history. It is so

Tia “Song Bird” Henderson: Just Keep Going People all over the world consider Memphis the legendary blueprint for Rock, Soul, and Blues music. From its inception and even to today that legacy lives on through artists like Tia “Song Bird” Henderson. Tia’s journey in music did not start

Ross’s main focus is to make sure that her clients know they can look like a movie star too. One of her favorite moments of the photography process is when one of her clients says, “wow I didn’t know I could look like that.”

Erskine describes himself as his mother’s shadow. He recalls his mother singing in the choir like any other day in his childhood, then suddenly she has a stroke and she passed away shortly thereafter. Originally, Gillespie would blame himself for the passing of his mother. He

Erica Sanders: Finding Support From Within the Community Erica Sanders’s story starts with her at Booker T. Washington Highschool. This particular place was not just of learning textbook lessons and taking standardized tests, it was a place where Sanders found community and support. Booker T. Washington

Gina Neely: Thank You Orange Mound The beginnings of Gina Neely started in Orange Mound. Orange Mound was the first community in Memphis built for African American people by African American people. The community itself is filled with rich history and good people. Neely sees Orange Mound and the

Henry “Sir Henry” Booker: King of Keys Henry Booker knew what economic oppression looked like but he never knew that was the situation he and his family were in. All he knew was that he stayed in a two room shack with seven to eight of

Jazmin Withers: Celebrating Douglass As It Was Jazmin Withers is a resident of the Douglass community in North Memphis, TN. It’s a neighborhood that was once full of life. It is now a neighborhood seen as simply a grid locked by train tracks and chemical plants. Withers sees

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