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Erica Ross: Female Empowerment

Erica Ross is going to give Memphis a magic show. She’s going to show you that what you 
thought was impossible is possible. Ross is going to give Memphis a new view of inclusion, originality. as a budding photographer, Ross is going to give Memphis a new view of Black women and what they have to offer. She’s going to show you images of success, love, and maybe even pain and sadness, but she will show you that ‘even in the dark times you can find the light again.’

Ross’s main focus is to make sure that her clients know they can look like a movie star too. One
of her favorite moments of the photography process is when one of her clients says, “wow I
didn’t know I could look like that.”

Ross is further inspired by liberated women and pop culture. She said it makes her think, “oh I don’t have to be the typical ‘pretty’ with heels and skirts.” Ross finds herself indulging in her own way of expressing beauty and she wants to do that with all her clients.

If I want to wear sneakers one day because that makes me feel pretty then that’s just as beautiful.

Ross believes that culture is the essence of art. As a photographer, she loves traveling places
and capturing people in their raw form. She says it captures a story. It captures friends, family,
emotions, and motives. Ross says

Art is when you get a glimpse of someone’s story without
them having to speak to you.

Ross believes a vital part of her future success will be honing in on the desire to  be a vessel for heightening the awareness and gifts of black female creators.



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