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Erica Sanders: Finding Support From Within the Community

Erica Sanders’s story starts with her at Booker T. Washington Highschool. This particular place was not just of learning textbook lessons and taking standardized tests, it was a place where Sanders found community and support. Booker T. Washington was the place where she first experienced the joy of the Black community 

coming together to celebrate themselves freely.

Sanders has never lost sight of her former high school or the community around it. She says that she comes support when they have games and events. She even worked right across the street from BTW at Georgia Elementary.  At Georgia, she was the majorette teacher. Georgia Elementary School is another place that holds space in Sanders’s heart. It’s the school her children went to and Sanders always felt supported by the school. They didn’t hesitate with giveaways like the notable “Little Angels” give away that handed out free bikes to the students.

Georgia also offered an after school program that Sanders says saved her life as a working home. Unfortunately, now, Georgia Elementary is only a distant memory as the abandoned building stands in its place. Erica Sanders says she wants to bring the building back to life and make it a safe haven for children around the community. Specifically, she wants to start a community program.



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