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Jazmin Withers: Celebrating Douglass As It Was

Jazmin Withers is a resident of the Douglass community in North Memphis, TN. It’s a
neighborhood that was once full of life. It is now a neighborhood seen as simply a grid
locked by train tracks and chemical plants. Withers sees more.

To Jazmin Withers, Douglass holds a special place in her heart because it holds generations of memories from neighbors and families around her and her very own family. Withers makeup is one that comes from a Douglass love story. Withers would not be where she is today without Douglass because her parents met there. Withers has family on every other street.

As she walks down the streets of her community, she can remember with vivid images the beautiful fences and gardens of the people who
took pride in their homes. She remembers the homes, businesses, and lots that are now
abandoned and unkept used to be owned by proud and thriving families.

It pains her to see those spaces die and crumble away because to her it was just yesterday when her mother was younger with her six siblings on her side ordering a cheese and ham sandwich from the cheese and ham sandwich shop.

It was just yesterday when Douglass Highschool had the top ranked majorette team. It was just yesterday when things changed from her mother being on that team to Jazmin Withers herself being a part of that team.



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