Monday / September 26.
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Jeff Trotter: Bend Don’t Break

Jeff Trotter has a mantra that he has built a brand out of: Bend Don’t Break. This is a phrase one can assume is about making the most out of the environment surrounding you while also remaining with an open mind and spirit. Trotter comes from a family of education and artistry. Trotter likes to say that he has a lot of his Mom in him as she was an educator and an artist herself. He has cultivated those skills throughout the years. Thus, these are two skills and core values he’s taken with him into his mentoring at Hamilton Community Center that can be shared with what they call their “MAMly.” MAM stands for Memphis Athletic Ministry which is a program at Hamilton Community Center. The mission of MAM wraps into the mission of the Hamilton Community Center which is to come in, stay rooted, serve, and support the community of South Memphis.



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