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Montavius Phils: Brother Stranger

Montavius Phils is a published author and a native Memphian with a story that incorporates figures of the past both famous and simply dear to his heart. As Phils was reflecting on his story he wanted to revisit the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Reflection Park located in the downtown area to honor an icon who helped mold him into the type of philosophical thinker he is today.

Dr. King Jr has been an inspiration to Phils since Phils first found out about him through the school system. He believes Dr.King Jr is an important figure to reflect on considering Dr. King Jr is one of the first activists that we often learn about in the classrooms. Phils has studied his legacy ever since with hopes that Phils will soon create a legacy of his own. It was one specific quote by Dr. King Jr that launched out of his own mind and into the things he felt drawn to.

We must keep moving. We must keep going. If you cannot fly, run. If you cannot run, walk. If you cannot walk, crawl, but by all means keep moving,” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Sure enough, Phils did create his own legacy through his own personal journey. His book Brother Stranger is birthed from his challenges and breakthroughs growing up. The book has a focus on helping you help yourself so that you can go out and help your community. It has an emphasis on being creative with limited resources so that you can create your own outcome…



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