Wednesday / September 28.
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We are proud to host the annual Our Lives Speak Empowerment Summit where guests from around the country are invited to educate, motivate, and inspire Mid-South residents with messages of hope, transformation, and call to action.

On August 3, 2016, we hosted our very first Our Lives Speak Empowerment Summit where we invited Capital Magnet School founder and educational reform guru Dr. Steve Perry to speak to more than 400 attendees about the importance of education and its impact on raising healthy families and economically stable communities.


Joining Dr. Perry was the dynamic women’s empowerment speaker and popular TV Judge Lauren Lake. Together, these speakers challenged our audience members to lead the way in preparing our sons and daughters for a solvent future.

Even more exciting, we were proud to honor Overton High School Student Dacavien Reeves the first recipient of the Beacon Of Light award which recognizes noteworthy accomplishments of ordinary people doing exceptional things in their community.

Why This Matters

Quite simply, like a seed that is planted into the ground with the expectation of becoming a fruit, a flower, or a tree, there is water, important nutrients, light, and support that goes into that seed in order for it to grow into whatever it becomes in life. And when that seed matures, it then begins to provide support for the rest of the ecosystem. When we as human beings plant positive seeds of growth into the lives of others from the very start, it’s amazing what they become, it’s amazing what they achieve: inventors, scientists, teachers, doctors, lawyers, athletes, musicians, business leaders, politicians, all prepared to support the world in a powerful way.

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