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Tia “Song Bird” Henderson: Just Keep Going People all over the world consider Memphis the legendary blueprint for Rock, Soul, and Blues music. From its inception and even to today that legacy lives on through artists like Tia “Song Bird” Henderson. Tia’s journey in music did not start

Henry “Sir Henry” Booker: King of Keys Henry Booker knew what economic oppression looked like but he never knew that was the situation he and his family were in. All he knew was that he stayed in a two room shack with seven to eight of

Joy Brooke-Fairfield: A Play Sets the Stage for A Revolution Joy Brooke-Fairfield is a theater, film/media, gender/sexuality and latinx professor at Rhodes College. Joy believes that putting on a theater production allows one to strengthen cooperative muscles, and perhaps most importantly highlight the necessity of difference in

April Jones: Finding My Heritage April Jones, artistically known as Sharie LaShell is an R&B recording artist. Her music combines R&B, Neo Soul, Rock, and Pop to create a smooth, light, but powerful sound. She loves to pay homage to the 90’s New Jack Swing period.

North Memphis E: Walking in My Truth Erick Williams also known as North Memphis E is someone who has turned his hardships into motivation toward discovering who he truly is and what and who is a part of his ancestry. The journey to his self-discovery starts

Dimitri Stevens: Life Through Art and Ice Cream Dimitri Stevens is a local artist, who is originally from Oakland, TN. He gets his inspiration from the things that surround him.  “To create art in a sense it’s trying to make sense of chaos. That’s why I get

Darnell Williams: Pray, Protect, and Provide Darnell Williams comes from the Orange Mound community with roots in Frayser in The Bay. When you enter the origin story of Williams, there is a tale of a young child who grew up without his father in a neighborhood

Cre8: Vow to be Different Coming out of Oakhaven, Cre8 is a Memphis artist on the grind destined to become a global Hiphop artist with a great sound and an even greater message . Music has always been a part of his family and his family

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