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Cheering to the Finish Tim Green, Jr. grew up in Valley Forge Apartments. His neighborhood is that unique space that could be considered Whitehaven or Westwood. He calls it Whitehaven, and honestly, either choice is all good. Growing up, Tim met a lot of different people from all backgrounds. He

Planning for the Future Michalyn Easter-Thomas currently serves as the Memphis City Councilwoman for District 7, which comprises of historic North Memphis neighborhoods like Douglass, Voluntine-Evergreen, Hyde Park, Klondike, Smokey City, Nutbush and more. These are areas she is very familiar with as she has spent most

Building on The Lemoyne-Owen Legacy On the campus of Lemoyne Owen College (LOC), the only Historically Black College/university (HBCU) in Memphis, we meet alumnus Johnathan Ealy, who spent four intriguing years as a student and now longtime graduate of this distinguished alma mater. He states that he owes

Karen Spencer-McGhee Spencer-McGhee describes Memphis as ‘my’ city. She was born here in 1963 at John Gaston Hospital. She smiles, thinking about her younger days here, describing them as "happy days." Her grandfather, Tommy Hunt, was one of the first 1300 sanitation strikers. She would sometimes attend strikers' meetings

Tackling Adverse Childhood Experiences The person who identifies a problem is the person sent to solve the problem. By adopting this philosophy, Pastor Charlie Caswell found his purpose and has taken on the task of educating communities of color on the effects of Adverse childhood experiences

Heal The Hood LaDell Beamon began a journey of healing and ministering to those in his beloved Longview Heights neighborhood. Beamon was raised in a single-parent household with the help of his grandmother, who had been wheelchair-bound since birth. She serves as a source of guidance

I, You, We Deserve to Feel Important Tracy T. Rowe is a resident of Bartlett, TN. She isn’t the kind of resident that just comes out and waters her plants and takes scrolls through the park. She is an active change agent in her community. As

Reimagine All of Memphis “North Memphis was the talk of the town,” boasted Brown, who lived there the late 60s, 70s, and 80s.” This version of North Memphis that you’ve witnessed above is a version of Memphis that Zellner Brown knows well. It’s an image of

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