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By the time she made her arrival into the arms of a mid-wife, Mary Mitchell, the historian of Orange Mound, Tennessee, was surrounded by generations of loving family members welcoming her into a good life. Her parents lived as double tenants alongside several other members

Ross’s main focus is to make sure that her clients know they can look like a movie star too. One of her favorite moments of the photography process is when one of her clients says, “wow I didn’t know I could look like that.”

Vincent Astor: Historian of the Queer Culture Vincent Astor went to Rhodes so long ago it was Southwestern, when all of the bars he was going to were beer bars, they didn’t serve liquor, and I don’t like beer. So… I actually remember the 70’s.” And it’s

Adeli Gomero: From Lima to Memphis Lima, Peru the capital and largest city in Peru. It’s made up of a region of mountains, coasts, valleys, and jungles. It is also the homeland of Adeli Gomero. As Gomero grew into the adult world, she found herself drawn

Abidemi Kayode: Teach Them How To Be A Person “I’m deeply concerned with knowledge. How you acquire knowledge, how you use knowledge, and how you disseminate knowledge.” While it might seem unsurprising that an educator would be interested in all these aspects of knowledge, it is

April Jones: Finding My Heritage April Jones, artistically known as Sharie LaShell is an R&B recording artist. Her music combines R&B, Neo Soul, Rock, and Pop to create a smooth, light, but powerful sound. She loves to pay homage to the 90’s New Jack Swing period.

Dimitri Stevens: Life Through Art and Ice Cream Dimitri Stevens is a local artist, who is originally from Oakland, TN. He gets his inspiration from the things that surround him.  “To create art in a sense it’s trying to make sense of chaos. That’s why I get

Daryl Lewis: Protecting  the Fort French Fort is an area in Memphis, TN that isn’t known by many people. It’s a small neighborhood tucked away near the downtown area. It’s a place many would say that you “run into” as opposed to visiting. When you walk

Darnell Williams: Pray, Protect, and Provide Darnell Williams comes from the Orange Mound community with roots in Frayser in The Bay. When you enter the origin story of Williams, there is a tale of a young child who grew up without his father in a neighborhood

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