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Living With Grace Wendy Oliver attended Evans Elementary and for high school, Overton. Of the six children her parents had, she would be the only one to not attend Hamilton.Oliver is a resident of the Alcy Ball community and has been since her family built a home

Challenge The Status Quo With Love Michael J. Curtis is a proud South Memphis native, who went back and forth between Alcy Ball snd Castalia. Curtis is a Registered Nurse with a statuesque physique, charismatic cadence and winning smile which made the conversation even more interesting. I

Montavius Phils: Brother Stranger Montavius Phils is a published author and a native Memphian with a story that incorporates figures of the past both famous and simply dear to his heart. As Phils was reflecting on his story he wanted to revisit the Dr. Martin Luther

Erskine describes himself as his mother’s shadow. He recalls his mother singing in the choir like any other day in his childhood, then suddenly she has a stroke and she passed away shortly thereafter. Originally, Gillespie would blame himself for the passing of his mother. He

GenoGwap: Pain to Poetry Ever since GenoGwap was younger he has been surrounded by the negative and positive impacts of poverty. His mom always worked 2-3 jobs and even then, as a single mother, she still struggled with keeping the family financially afloat. GenoGwap recalls nights

Drapper Cox: Reality has Set In Drapper Cox is from Glenview where he grew up with Michael Jordan dreams. When he was younger he played basketball. He said that he used to travel up and down the court playing for several people but the seats were never filled

Cedric Reed: We Want Better Cedric Reed is an aspiring rapper from the Orange Mound and Cherokee area. In his interview, he was accompanied by his two brothers Demarcus and Darion also known as BD. Collectively they came together and expressed their grievances about life as

Dr. Patrice Holley: Education is Our Best Debt and Community is Our Best Support Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Dr. Patrice Holley’s roots stem back to generations of fighters and go-getters. The story starts with her grandparents, gets passed down to her parents, and is

Demarcus & White: Priceless Twins Demarcus and Jay White also known as the “Priceless Twins” is a dance group that plans to take their brand to the next level. They have been using their past to fuel their fire into the future. Demarcus and Jay White have

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