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Living With Grace

Wendy Oliver attended Evans Elementary and for high school, Overton. Of the six children her parents had, she would be the only one to not attend Hamilton.Oliver is a resident of the Alcy Ball community and has been since her family built a home there in 1959. That home is where she currently resides.

Her father was a truck driver and her mom a homemaker during those times. By the time she came along, they had three children who lived in the home. Her father was already working hard and saving smart and made it a point to set the example for teaching his children how to hold their own.

When Oliver thinks about her community, she instantly thinks safe. She credits her father for setting the atmosphere and infrastructure for this feeling.  She mentions, her father was a man of few words but one of big action and his hands were never idle. He was such a family man, she boasts. Oliver also learned from her family how to access value, how to exercise good manners, and the building healthy relationships with others. This became a pillar for Oliver’s approach to life and thanks to her mother, the key to her ability to navigate through life gracefully.

Going back to Oliver’s early school days, she recalls always being an excellent  student who was highly inquisitive. Reading was her forte because she was intrigued by information,
so she never had to be coached to do it. Oliver willingly took the initiative.Receiving two encyclopedias as gifts lit up her entire day. Her thirst for understanding always drove her to ask questions when she didn’t know and she never shied away from giving the answer when she had one.

Oliver recalls how 2020 in particular changed the way she did some things for the better.
Instead of looking at the world with dread, she took actions in to her own hands, evaluated her habits, got her health on track and refused to allow an uncontrollable circumstance to dictate how she would react to how she lived her own life…

an excerpt from the forthcoming Anthology  ‘Our Neighbors, Our Stories…’

story by Carin Malone



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